David Turk speaks, teaches, writes and trains on a variety of topics. Please call for more details about how he can help you, your publication, your business or your school.

His specialties include:

Getting The Right Price For Your Product

The single biggest reason why catering businesses fail is due to employer burnout. Burnout can be directly traced to working too many hours for too little money! This class shows you how to get the right price for your service and how to avoid the usual pricing pitfalls. Learn about the Five F’s; this technology may just save your business.

The Biggest Mistakes That Can Kill Your Company

Most new (and old) businesses make the same mistakes consistently – and in this economy, there’s no wiggle room for error. In this seminar, we address why we make them and what steps we can take to avoid them.

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Marketing And Sales Strategies To Jump Start Your Catering And Event Business

When most caterers hear the word “sales”, they think “Oh my God, all I ever really wanted to do was cook! I don’t want to have to sell!” This class demystifies the selling process for caterers and event planners who are just starting out and offers clear-cut marketing strategies guaranteed to launch a fledgling business.

Attaining Superior Customer Service

The Manager’s Guide to Attaining Superior Customer Service is designed to benefit the food service manager or owner, his or her employees, the customer and the entire organization. The course takes the coaching knowledge and skills the leader already possesses and provides opportunities for both personal and professional growth.

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How To Deliver Excellent Customer Service All Of The Time

Anything less than excellent service may be costing you! Superior service from your entire organization sets the positive word of mouth process moving and puts you in a league of your own. This seminar will assist you in achieving higher levels of service excellence to protect and preserve your most valuable asset — your customers.

Determine What Really Works With Managing People

The foodservice industry suffers from high stress and overworked, unhappy employees. The shareholders of these businesses suffer from the subsequent high rate of employee turnover. This seminar demonstrates how successful restaurants and caterers maintain a satisfied employee base &emdash; and how these same operators get to reap the benefits.

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