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David Turk is the founder and president of Indiana Market & Catering, a full-service caterer in New York City.
Over the past 30 years, David’s leadership has made Indiana Market & Catering one of New York City’s top caterers.
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David Turk, Founder and President of Indiana Market and Catering

David Turk

Founder and President

Catering Boot Camp

Looking to rise to the top of the catering industry?
Catering Boot Camp arms dedicated professionals with
the tools to run a thriving catering business.
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Have you always wondered what it would be like to own your own catering business?
Find out whether this exciting business is for you and, if so, how you can take the plunge into the world of catering.
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  • Road stretching into the distance - developing your vision

    Developing your vision

  • A blank page with a pen - customer service

    Customer service

  • Woman with a notebook and pen - attracting and keeping clients

    Attracting and keeping clients

  • A pile of gold coins - getting the right price for your product

    Getting the right price for your product


David Turk speaks, teaches, writes and trains on a variety of topics.
Please call for more details about how he can help you,
your publication, your business or your school.
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